Your Carepoint representative works with you to tailor a waste management and machine service plan which will meet the exact needs of your business.

Peace of mind

By combining machine services with waste management not only do you benefit from a discounted package you also enjoy complete peace of mind - as we simply take care of everything.

Some of the wastes you might want to include:
  • Waste oil
  • Machine solvents
  • Waste tyres
  • Batteries
  • Antifreeze
  • Brake fluid
  • Waste paint
  • Waste thinners
  • Oil filters
  • Rags

Once you have decided which model of solvent parts washer, spray gun cleaner or aqueous degreaser you want to include and the hazardous wastes you want us to collect; we put together a comprehensive schedule and pricing plan to meet your exact needs.

Taking care of your Waste Management compliance

We help reduce your environmental impact and assist with legislative compliance - including the Waste Framework Directive, Paint Products Directive & Industrial Emissions Directive.

Safetykleen take care of the environmental paperwork and charges as part of the all- inclusive charge. We also assist you in letting your customer’s know about the environmental choices you are making on their behalf.

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Carepoint brochure

What your Carepoint Consultant does for you
  • Completes full site survey and identifies your requirements
  • Establishes how many services are done and how much waste and oil needs collecting
  • Recommends what is needed
  • Prepares a detailed proposal for your business
  • Regularly reviews your needs
  • Hands over to your professional service representative to provide you with a tailored service.




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